Patiently waiting for the impatient ones

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It’s been nearly 10 days since I filled in the online enquiry form for Airtel Broadband, through their Impatient Ones campaign. I got an immediate comment on my blog post and an acknowledgement on Twitter from the official campaign managers. But sadly, not a single phone call or email from Airtel even acknowledging my enquiry. Maybe they can’t provide the services in my residential area, but they could at least let me know. There could be other consumers running out of patience. Feel sorry for the guys who put in so much effort behind creation of such ad campaigns – which are let down by delivery issues.

Anyway, made me wonder if there could have been an alternate strategy. Direct Marketing? A pure enquiry-based online campaign? Why even look at a theme TVC and expensive media monies when this kind of campaign is all about ROI?

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