Website watch: Fuel Asks

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Presence on the website is a must for most brands these days. Usually brand websites are linked to a new TV campaign, a relaunch or a specific promotion. By design, these offer a ‘one time visit’ opportunity. There is no incentive for repeat visits. Hence, such websites languish without visitors or activity. Of course, there are brand websites which act as the face of the brand and have a longer shelf life.

Among the recent online promotions, there is one that promotes the website of Fuel, the vodka brand from Seagrams. The attempt seems to be to appeal to the non-conformist in us. There is a little quiz which asks you questions like: which makes for better conversations – more friends or fancy phone? The answers are obvious and the results can be shared with friends on social networks. There are the mandatory wallpapers and screensavers for download. Once you are done with the quiz, is there a reason why you should visit again. Perhaps not. In effect aren’t such website activities more like press ads online. The Fuel site is nicely done and is focused on provoking you to think, but shouldn’t brand websites be more long term? Once the promotion for the site through web banners is over, is the life of site over too?

However such limited period online activity is required to promote a new campaign or a time bound sales promotion. But isn’t there merit in a long term approach for your brand’s online presence? Unless it is a bank or financial services brand, accessing it’s website is usually sporadic. Or specific need related – like checking a courier service brand’s website for tracking. But when there is no incentive for re-visits by design, aren’t we limiting the life of the website even further?

Any thoughts? Any brand websites that have appealed to you?

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