Of creative technologists and Digital Advertising

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I had written about Boulder Digital Works in an article for the Financial Express. Even in other articles I had talked about the need to create a new breed of advertising agency folk, for whom Digital is at the heart of creative solutions. As experts have pointed out, Digital is still an also-ran, especially in India.

In light of this, I was filled with envy reading about the experiences of Lex Bradshaw-Zanger at the BDW’s Making Digital Work in New York. Among the various points he highlighted the one that stood out for me was:

The creative technologist will probably be the biggest hire this year – bigger than the community manager that we hear so much talk about; If agencies are going to get their act together and start to deliver on real integration then the creative technologist is a key piece to taking the idea to execution.

I think it also highlights the huge gap between the status of Digital in India as compared to the West. We are still grappling with the basics of the business – how to bring it into the centre of agency thinking, how to overcome the fear or disdain for digital within the industry…how to create that one big jaw-dropping digital campaign for our clients. Look at the winners in the Media category at the Cannes – over the last 3 years or so and you will see how use of technology has come to make a difference. When will we catch up?

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  1. The problem lies with both the digital professionals and the clients. The former hesitates to update on a daily basis on the global digital trends and how that can be used in the Indian scenario, and the later, always want a break through idea but back off after looking at the estimate.. luckily, we have few brave clients left and i hope next year might be different in Indian Digital scenario!.

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