Good Knight Aerosol: every mosquito counts, website does not

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A new commercial for Good Knight aerosol, a Godrej Sara Lee brand is doing the rounds of ad blogs.

Via Ads of the World. Very well crafted, sophisticated and drives home the point. While it brings out a laugh, so does the brand’s website – albeit unwittingly.

There seems to be a huge mismatch between the tone and manner of the brand communication and the website. The link to the company news features an article dated 2002! The website seems dated in terms of look & feel. While the brand does not have a separate URL and company URL is not highlighted in the ad, isn’t there merit in creating a synergy between the brand communication and it’s related website? Even if it’s a prospective employee or an eager beaver like me checking out the website – the chasm between the imagery on TV and the web is huge. Also consider the fact that the group includes international, premium brands like AmbiPur.

Several brands have begun promoting their website on their TV commercials. But is the online end of the communication made to count too? Or is it just a namesake website? Would love your views.

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