Twitter & Facebook brand pages: joining the checklist

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Few years ago, if you developed a TV commercial for a brand chances are you will mandatorily develop an Outdoor design or print ad. Nowadays, the ‘must-do’ list after a TVC includes a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter stream. Which is fine but as many experts have said before an inactive social media page does more damage to the brand than not having one at all. Frankly, not all brand campaigns need social media activity.

And then there’s this trend of putting in the FB or Twitter page URL in your static media ads. Good strategy to drive traffic to those pages. But sorry to sound like a stuck record, how can someone visit a brand FB page by simply seeing the FB icon in a press ad? Without the complete URL you are asking viewers to experiment or search by adding the brad name after typed after seeing the print ad and it took me to this page. Finding the Facebook page of VIP Skybags was much easier. But I am still looking for the official VIP Skybags Twitter page, which is not very active going by this conversation.

I guess everyone’s learning, experimenting figuring out a social media strategy for the brand. But no doubt a social media activity is fast joining the ‘must-do’ list of brand activities. Which can only be a good thing.

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