Supermodelquins: another brave work from Crispin

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Crispin Porter + Bogusky (voted Agency of the Year 2008) may have its share of detractors but in my books they are up there when it comes to unusual approaches to solving a marketing problem. Yes, they do have their share of duds (the short-lived Gates-Seinfeld stuff for Microsoft and the split with Nike) but their recent work for Burger King, Coke Zero have been examples of unusual approaches to solving a marketing problem not just about producing great TV commercials.

I think they’ve done it again with their new stuff for Old Navy. The background: Old Navy has been a struggling retailer having failed with an experiment to go up-market last year. The shift in focus from ‘moms with young kids’ was a mistake, says the company. Instead of simply urging consumers to reconsider the brand with a TVC, CP+B have created a concept that centers around Supermodelquins. They are mannequins (with decidedly plastic grins), sporting Old Navy garments which will be shipped to the Old Navy Stores. They make their debut through a catalogue designed to look like a celebrity magazine. It is a clever way of marrying kitschy style and value – the layout looks like a celeb gossip magazine while the price is clearly highlighted.

Old Navy Circular.jpg

They have a YouTube channel and the spots refer to the price too.

Will this work? At least the approach is different and brave, especially considering the state of the US economy. The employee handbook of CP+B was my first glimpse of their approach to work. Work like this enhances the agency perception even more.

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