Let’s celebrate the Effies…just a little bit more


There was this old joke about how if you search for ‘world peace’ on the Internet you are likely to get a few thousand results. But if you search for ‘sex’ you are likely to get millions more  – proving that the we need sex more than world peace. The tenuous link that I am trying to create is to do with the media buzz (or lack of it) around The Effies 2010, as compared to Creative Awards like the Abbys.

Save for trade publications, there was very little coverage of the event in mainline business media. Even on social networks, while a handful of industry professionals updated the goings on at the event, there was hardly any buzz.  Its not just to do with media folk. Even within the ad industry, I doubt if the creative teams are as enthused about these awards as they are about the Abbys.

I think we owe it to ourselves to celebrate the Effies even more in the years to come. An official website, a Twitter feed, industry events to create enthusiasm among a wider audience even within the ad industry. Just take a look at the winning entries– these were ideas loved by the general public and went on to build brands. Isn’t that the ultimate accolade for creative folks? Several notches higher than celebrating a creative idea for a non-existent dentist in Khar?

If we celebrate Effies just a little bit more, maybe even Economic Times will do a coup and announce the winners the day before the event. Shudder.

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