Ideas for IKEA

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A couple of creatives from Australia for IKEA are doing the rounds of ad blogs. The first one is a media innovation, that makes you feel a little envious of the simplicity of the idea and perfection in execution.


The Inspiration Room Daily, quotes the creative team (303 Advertising, Perth): The mechanism is the paper itself. We simply ran one full page advert near the front of the paper, and the second full page ran towards the back. It was vital that the second page would be exposed when you slide that first page away from the centre of the paper.

And the other IKEA work is on television. Created by 303 Advertising again, this one sets up what seems like a marital discord.

The ad promotes the 2009 catalogue with some under-stated humour that is likely to appeal to the lads. Another ad, titled Space, is here. Both go a long way in furthering the IKEA charm.

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