Whopper Sacrifice: trade in 10 Facebook friends for a burger

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This is certainly an innovative use of Facebook Apps. Whopper Sacrifice has introduced a Facebook application that is getting a lot of buzz – at least in the Social Media blogs. The concept: delete 10 of your Facebook friends and get a free Whopper.


This is cool for two reasons. Firstly, there’s only a handful of friends you interact with most on social networking platforms. And along the way, we’ve all added people whom we hardly know as ‘friends’. So removing 10 friends for a Whopper (which I am sure is a big deal in the US, I wouldn’t know. I am happy with my masala dosa) seems do-able. Secondly, here is branded app with a lot more interactivity than merely conveying brand cues or messages. Imagine the debate between friends and time spent on figuring out who to delete. I know a lot of my friends would ditch me for a plate of uttappam. And best of all, it’s got people talking about it.

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  1. Some smart aleck hacked it. You can now get to the coupon claim page without de-friending anyone.

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