Storybird: collaborative storytelling awesomeness

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Thanks to Download Squad, I came across this wonderful new service called Storybird. According to the Storybird blog, it’s a service that ‘makes it simple for families and friends to create short, visual stories together that they can share and print. For artists and writers, Storybird is next-generation publishing: global, viral, and instantaneous’. The service currently contains some visually arresting Storybirds that one can, read, share and comment.


I really wish the idea takes off since it promises to have something for several stakeholders: parents, children, readers, artists and illustrators. The idea holds promise even for teachers and schools specially with a view to make kids create things on their own and encourage creativity. Parents who’ve created stuff together with their kids – be it a scrapbook or a school project – know that it’s mutually rewarding. I think Storybird build on this belief while taking advantage of the collaborative nature of the Internet and Social Media.

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