VIP’s new trip: bye bye to the old jingle

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VIP Luggage has signed on Shahid Kapoor and a couple of new commercials are on air. The last campaign from VIP established the theme ‘Happy Journey’ and the refrain ‘Bye, bye’ was an audio mnemonic. The refrain was also used to link product features like lightweight bags or even exchange offers. While the jingle was popular, I guess attempting to link the ‘bye, bye’ property was getting to be a constraint. Thanks to Shahid’s presence there is an element of youthfulness and energy in the new advertising.

The product attributes- separate personal & professional sections and water resistant bags – are nicely weaved into the scripts. ‘What’s your trip?’ is the buzz phrase here which could be highly campaignable. Judging by the oohs-and-aahs at YouTube, the commercials are likely to be popular among the youth. Even if the ‘massage’ execution was slightly over the top, these set of commercials are likely to score highly on the likeability index.

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