Finally, a non-scam type Wonderbra ad

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Somewhere in this world, as you read this, an agency bloke is thinking of an ad for Wonderbra. Never mind if his current clients are Sangu Mark Lungi, Baba Pan Masala or Titan Watches. He will think of an idea for Wonderbra, making it perhaps the most scammed brand in history. And the ad will usually exaggerate the effect of the brand – titillating or otherwise!

Thankfully, Londoners are staring at a real Wonderbra hoarding now. It’s the culmination of a campaign to launch D-G range of bras, which started with a viral video to sign up online.

wonderbra d to g

The photomosaic was created with photographs of more than 1000 women. It is also online at the microsite where visitors can zoom in to see the women. Participants can then send their ‘Eva moment’ (referring to the model of the famous Hello Boys ad) to their friends and family. 

There was a pop-quiz of sorts in some Indian magazine recently: does Playboy magazine have a market in India? The publishing pundits felt that in its current form in the US, it may not be allowed to enter India. But, if you dilute the things Playboy is known for, it will compete as just another lad’s magazine in India. Similarly, if & when Wonderbra launches in India, will it adopt its international tongue-in-cheek approach to advertising? 

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