Tata Sky Plus: shaming us into upgrade

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Dear Tata Sky:

I was perhaps your first subscriber in Bangalore, virtually hunting for your dealers and buying into an as yet untested service. The trigger for buying into your brand? My cable-walla’s atrocious service, basic awareness of what DTH can do, the familiarity of Tata and Sky brand names. I didn’t have to be educated about these nor were these triggers created by advertising. And I wasn’t shamed into switching from my good old cable TV. In a way, I felt good about a wise decision. But we now have Asin condescendingly referring to our habit of getting used to missing serials. And Aamir concerned about our ability to control the urge, lest we lose our ‘gilli‘.

I don’t know about other Tata Sky owners, but for me, merely saying ‘pause or record Live TV’ is a jaw dropping statement. And you had an entertaining series with Aamir & Gul’s tongue-in-cheek humour, conveying the benefits of Tata Sky Plus. Am not too sure if portraying me and other Tata Sky owners as silent sufferers or losers is pressing the right pause button. And the thing with Live TV, specially Sports is that, the fun is in watching it live. You think a hard core F1 fan will pause a race (‘su-su karke aata hoon‘) just when Raikkonen could possibly overtake Fisichella? Don’t get me wrong, we did not want to get used to the cable-walla and it’s a huge relief not to suffer him any more, thanks to you. It’s great to watch channels like BBC Entertainment and the Showcase movies. And there isn’t much on TV that we are dying to record in any case. Do you have to motivate us into upgrading by making us feel lousy about ourselves?

OK Bye. Gotta go. Can’t…control!


Jinga Lala.

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  1. Lol..I totally agree with you. I had never felt the need to subscribe to one of the fancy DTH services looking at the kind of programs aired on TV nowdays. The only reason I had shifted to Hathway was to watch when my cable guy played Nat Geo and Discovery T&L in Hindi and I just couldnt handle that.
    Tata sky’s attempt at making me feel super downmarket and lousy has ensured that I wont subscribe to their earthe-shattering services anytime soon.

    • Amrita, thanks. I think Tata Sky’s efforts to pitch the basic service (picture quality) is fine. My beef with the cable guy is the constant search for the channel that he conveniently shifted. I think DTH beats regular cable any day.

  2. The Tata Sky marketing team must be devoid of sports fans. Otherwise who in their right mind would run a spot on Champions League Final night at 1 p.m. mocking me for seeing live the hottest football match up between Barcelona & Man U?
    Record & watch it next day? Everytime i saw that Amir ad on late night football, i felt like throwing something at him! (am sure same sentiment of any die-hard football fan!)

    • Vijay, so true! And watching your favourite sport till 2 am doesn’t necessarily mean you will be late and get scolded by the boss.

  3. I guess with the kind of content that’s on air, its good to abstain from TV.

    Other than Sports and India TV, there aren’t good stuff on TV.
    May be TATA SKY should introduce porn! :p
    Then life would ‘truly’ be Jingalala and lot more…

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