Smitten by the Goodlife Recipe

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Loved this campaign for The Goodlife Recipe, a pet food company, for it’s insight, the creative idea and the execution. They’ve created a ficititious family, The Bartons who have a pet dog, Clay and a cat, Mitten. The everyday antics of their pets is presented in claymation (Clay, Mitten – get it?) in a series of print ads.

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day. Via Ads of the World.

Pet food brands have in the past, tapped on the the insight that ‘pet lovers share a special relationship with their pets’. It could manifest in going to great lengths to make them feel special or simply enjoying the unique equation pets have with them. And only pet lovers could relate to such a trigger. One of the popular campaigns based on this insight is for Purina’s Felix cat food. It showcased the mischief and antics of a cat called Felix through a series of cartoons in UK dailies. It was all summed up beautifully in the tag line: ‘Cats like Felix like Felix‘.

Anyway, I am digressing. I also liked the Good Recipe campaign because of the seamless integration of the idea on the web. Unlike some campaigns where the advertising is developed independent of brands’s personality on the web, this one feels like one big integrated idea.

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