Christmas Imaginitol: creative formula for maximum relief

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Here’s a great example of the Seen & Noted category of creatives.  The Creative Method, Australia created a Christmas Party invitation that was meant to serve as a new business tool too. According to the agency, initially the prospects were emailed a doctors prescription, followed by the package in a discrete paper bag. The invitation and the tablets were located inside.

Via: Packaging of the World.

Apparently, the party included staff dressed as doctors & medicinal shots administered by transvestites. Ravi Shastri would have said this is ‘just what the doctor ordered’ for new business. Reminded me of an invite sent for the launch of Mauritius Tourism to corporate honchos and Page 3 types. It was a huge box with a note written to the secretary asking her ‘not to spoil the fun for her boss’. Otherwise, direct mail pieces would be thrown into the bin by her – you know, those days emails weren’t common. Inside the big box was a question ‘What on earth do you wear for a Mauritian evening?’. Open it and it said, ‘try this for size’. Open the second flap and there was a straw hat. I am told many of those who attended the party wore the straw hat. I wouldn’t know – I think I just carried the art work once back from Studio for proof checking.

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