Cadbury Bournville: the second phase

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The product is perfectly suited for high-brow, sophisticated advertising. The film was shot in Stockholm and looked international. The media choices available were drool-worthy and a rarity these days: English print ads in weekend supplements, radio spots, magazine ads, outdoor, a website and many more. The launch of Cadbury Bournville had everything going for it. My first reaction to the TV spot was ‘good, but not great’.

The second phase of the campaign has kicked in now with ingredient-focused idents, a Twitter feed and a new social media initiative in the form of The Dark Truth, a blog. The efforts are all commendable – a Twitter feed that is actually not discontinued after the first 5 tweets posted 3 months ago, a blog that has a leadership stance in the category and not really a hard sell of the brand. The blog could perhaps have been promoted more aggressively rather than just leaving it to trade magazine announcements. A Google search for ‘Cadbury Bournville blog’ gives you the press release as the top entry.

But do all the efforts add up? Is it all about conveying the same idea consistently? Here’s a list of key visuals of the campaign thus far:


The first TVC set up the premise of ‘you have to earn it’; but the tone of voice and personality is very different from what is on the website. The ingredient based second phase has a la-di-dah tone in line with the website. But the blog looks very different (and out of synch?) from everything else. Overall, the effort to straddle all the possible touch points and present it as a premium brand comes through, but is it all in one voice?

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  1. LOL.. Yes, it’s pretty much a confused identity.. I joined its Facebook group, thinking about its a chocoholics group, then but till late I could not know, its actually Bournville.. 🙁

  2. I am not a Chocoholic kinda girl but would always like to taste those very few exceptional ones. Honestly none of the efforts have pushed me to check out their availability in store.. I am still waiting for that extra touch …the extra taste wala thing…the extra presentation thing (actually it should be interesting than the Farah khan ka “coming up” trailer) in their advertisements… coming up “Bournville hai kya??”.
    They should work out more on putting it as premium taste….come on yaar sab jaantey hain were your brand stands…to fir thoda or mahnat karo

  3. Perhaps here is a topic we agency dudes need to take very seriously. I can imagine what exactly happened.
    Client: We will ask the agency to do a website for us.
    AD: Oh we can do it!
    Creative: But we can’t. We don’t have a website dude in our creative department. Would you like another poster?
    Bees saal baad…
    Client: Sheesh, the agency seems to take a long time. Maybe I will give the job to my grand son.
    And tada… you have commercials and webpages which have no relation whatsoever. Wait a sec, there is a download button to download the ad!!

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