Tippex: Hunter and the bear party on with YouTube

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The innovative ways in which the creative mind uses new media nowadays is amazing. There are several brands trying to do it, but very few evoke a ‘wow’ or a ‘wish I had thought of that’ kind of response . Tipp-ex did that with their 2010 campaign on YouTube (19.2mn views as of date). The word ‘shoots’ in ‘A hunter shoots a bear was  whitened out and viewers were asked to input any word in that area. The hunter then proceeds to do what they say – from ‘A hunter hugs a bear’ to ‘A hunter eats a bear’.

In a follow up video released recently, the hunter and the bear have a ‘birthday party‘. The party is interrupted when they see an approaching meteor. The viewer then has a choice to either ‘end the party’ or ‘continue the party’. The resultant page then has a product plug (done in a non-serious manner of course). The viewer is then asked to input ‘any’ year in the whitened out are and a relevant video follows.

Type in 1980 and you have a Pacman game. Type in 1970 and you have disco dance (you can make the characters dance by using 5,6,7 keys on the keyboard). Type in 2007 and you have a reference to the iPhone launch! It’s almost endless fun and the videos bring a smile to your face. What’s more this ‘interactive activity’ is likely to appeal to all age groups and has a relevant link to to the product. Awesome stuff.

It’s amazing how great use of new media has created new brands (Blendtec) and made existing brands like Tipp-ex famous. All without the help of traditional, paid media. And buried in this somewhere is the lesson on how to make videos go viral. And not ‘make viral videos’.

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