Flipkart delivers again

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Making a sequel is no kids play. Ask the folks who made Jaws 2 & 3. In advertising too, once a successful campaign idea is created it is a tough act to follow it up in a ‘sequel’. Flipkart & Happy Creative Services (headed by the multi-talented @higheriyer) have done that with their latest set of ‘kids as adults’ ads.

See credits here.

What works? Changing behaviour through an advertising message is a huge task. In order to win over the skeptical ‘new-to-online shopping’ mindset, the ads are pitched right – by keeping it simple. No heavy duty, dissonance creating or educative tone. The obvious ‘role play’ of kids as adults (false moustache and all) is endearing and has universal appeal (er..unlike some recent ads?).  And the line about taking a decision just by seeing a photograph is a sucker punch delivered sweetly. The husband’s reaction (with the grandfather’s gleeful laughter in the background) was classic. Nice. You like?

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  1. #Like. Simplicity of the message with an element of interest created with the kids posing as adults. Channel surf proof!

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