Royal Wedding and topical ads

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We’ve all seen the T-Mobile Royal Wedding video which has become a viral hit with over 14mn views. Back home, we also had Amul taking out a billboard in customary style. I had said earlier that ‘topical ads link a brand to the news of the day and can deliver far greater impact than regular one-off ads. Since the topic is in the public eye, a clever linkage to the brand in question goes a long way in cementing the brand to that particular event‘.

The Newspaper Marketing Association of UK showcases topical ads often and here a few of the ads taking advantage of the Royal Wedding. Here are a few:

Corny or effective? There was even a Burger King ad with ‘4 onion rings free’ as part of  ‘Official Royale Souvenir promotion – that was desperate. Which one works best?

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  1. I have heard my friends (Non Marketing) often talk about topical ads. If you a have some humor in content then nothing like it. Kodak has succeeded in doing it.

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