Kwiff, ‘Fârnhäan ‘ – the AI voice assistant and more: creative ads of the week

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There are hundreds of commercial messages vying for our attention everyday across traditional and new media. Only a handful are noticed. Here are a few creative ads which caught my eye, the week ending 18th August, 2017: TV spots for Kwiff, Mini UK and more.

1. Kwiff: It’s perfectly normal. Until it’s kwiffed

Sports betting is big business in the UK. An app called Kwiff, which promises to ‘supercharge sports betting’ has released a set of quirky ads which dramatise how it feels to be ‘kwiffed’ (over at the website, there is an explainer on that):

Let’s say you place a bet at odds of 3-1. But when you place that bet, your odds get boosted to 10-1. What the hell just happened? You just got kwiffed, that’s what. The ads dramatise the thrill of winning before one has actually won through some whacky stories.

Agency: Droga5

2. Kwik-Fit: motoring etiquette

A car servicing and repair company in the UK created an interesting ‘Guide To Modern Motoring Etiquette’. Instead of making a boring how-to video they polled 2,000 motorists to find out their top driving pet peeves, then asked kids to re-enact them. The result: a cute video which aims to ‘shame’ the adults into improving motoring etiquette.

Agency: Taylor Herring

3. Safe Auto: Fârnhäan

In advertising circles, car insurance is not generally not considered to be an ‘exciting’ category. SafeAuto and its agency beg to differ. They have created Fârnhäan, an AI voice assistant who is proudly imperfect (‘Fârnhäan looks at the big picture and guesses’). The website introducing Fârnhäan has these gems:

Let Fârnhäan cut through the sea of impersonal data with passionate guesswork.
Imperfection is the cornerstone of human relationships and Fârnhäan delivers.

A series of hilarious videos and radio spots bring alive the ‘capabilities’ of Fârnhäan.

Fârnhäan TP 30 from Greatest Common Factory on Vimeo.

Fârnhäan FLU 30 from Greatest Common Factory on Vimeo.

Fârnhäan RADIO Chinese Restaurant from Greatest Common Factory on Vimeo.

See all the creatives here.

In an era where people are increasingly depending on AI-powered services like Alexa, Siri and Google Now to accomplish every day tasks, this series strikes a chord because it is a witty takedown of such with a link to the brand.

Agency: Greatest Common Factory

4. Mini Countryman: Room with a view

MINI UK has teamed up with Visit England and Visit Wales to encourage spontaneous getaways in the UK.The theme ‘Room with a view‘ gives a chance for users to get away to places usually off limits. The twist is that all the amenities you’d come to expect from a boutique hotel experience is provided in the Mini Countryman.

Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers

5. TotallyMoney: Live Credit Score and Credit Report

Clive Tyldesley is an English television sports broadcaster apparently known for his distinctive, high-octane live match commentary. He comes home and delivers his live commentary style report of our protagonist checking his credit scores on TotallyMoney. A fun watch even if you are unaware of goings on in the UK football scenario (like me).

Agency: McCann Manchester

6. Dolmio: no drama

We’ve become so addicted to gadgets that screen time takes precedence over ‘family time’. Based on a simple proposition that a delicious meal can bring together a family at the dinner table (without being engrossed in screens). The ad works because of the melodramatic dialogue delivery of the British actor Dominic West and matter-of-fact announcement of the mum.

Agency: AMV BBDO

Which one was your favourite? Comment in. 

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