Filmfare gets stereotypical on the South

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Winning a Filmfare Award is considered prestigious in the Southern film industry (unlike perhaps in Mumbai where it’s a tad less shiny thanks to so many other awards) and here’s an ad meant to announce the event. Can it get more cliched and stereotypical than this? I find such an attitude so patronizing and irritating. Am sure the elite of the industry and Page 3 types who see this and choose to grace the occasion, won’t find it amusing either.

Filmfare South

Some things never change, be it our movies or advertising.

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  1. When was the last time I heard a Malayali say simble? Ah, on Channel [V]. The worst part is that the Creative Director could also be a Mallu, a Mumbai/ Dilli educated, non-Mal speaking one (they seem to be everywhere these days). They think antagonizing the target audience works. Amit_123s!!!!

  2. Just one more example of taking refuge in a regional stereotype…or maybe it was one of those ‘headlines’ suggested by the client…we all know how clients can get ‘creative’…

  3. Absolutely,
    I am in total agreement. They haven’t moved beyond Mehmood’s interpretation of the south indians since ek chathur naar….dumbass ill informed and lazy…..

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