Seen and noted: Denver Water conservation campaign

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Ah, the privileges of living in affluent societies. Here’s a campaign urging people to conserve water, released in Denver, Colorado. We’ve seen such Public Service ads in India too – urging us to turn off the tap when brushing teeth; ads for detergent powders have sold us the virtue of using one bucket less. All everyday, utilitarian stuff, for us. And in some Indian cities, water conservation is not an issue – getting water supply is.

And out there in Denver, they are urging people to water their grass for a whole 2 minutes less. I guess that’s relevant for that society.


Nice, cute campaign. Check out the TVC here.  Agency: Sukle Advertising. Via: Coloribus.

This kind of difference in priorities and issues of a society was also reflected in the advertising for the Green Party in New Zealand. For a long time to come, we would still have to grapple with basic issues of education and poverty eradication, I guess. The grass can take care of itself.

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