Citroen Spacebox: fresh perspective in a hackneyed space

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Quick. Name the car that owns the ‘safety’ platform? And the car that is strongly associated with ‘German engineering excellence’? Chances are that most would have answered Volvo for the former and Mercedes Benz for the latter.

Several car brands have talked about spacious interiors as a feature. The renditions range from the mundane (the whole family and the dog) to the interesting. A campaign for Citroen’s Spacebox, doing the rounds of ad blogs, has a fresh take on the execution. So spacious that it makes a mountain bike feel like a toy bike inside it.

Citroen SpaceboxAgency: Euro RSCG Milan, Italy

Trouble is, with a core proposition like space – memorability depends so much on the quirkiness of execution and you all so run the risk of bumping into someone who also has attempted the very same execution.

GolfVariant_4_1Agency: DDB, Sweden

In India too, several brands have attempted to convey space in compact cars – big enough to accommodate a football team being one. Any ads that are a stand-out for you?

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