Old Spice MANta Claus: ho ho ho!

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Old Spice is back with Isaiah Mustafa. This time he is ‘MANta Claus’ (brilliant!) promising gifts to ‘all 7 billion people’ – the ‘very least he can do’. Like with the ‘response’ campaign, the Old Spice man mentions Twitter users – @beautyjunkies to kick things off.

@beautyjunkies responded to with a thank you tweet. The other videos (there could be 100s in  matter of hours, I guess) include a gift for Baltimore and Australia (a gift he gave 1.5 kabillion years ago). This campaign has all the makings of going viral (who doesn’t like receiving gifts?) –  there’s another 20 days to go before Christamas and the videos are eminently watchable. As with the earlier campaign, the writing is great, full of snappy one-liners. Another winner from W+K?


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