Kim Jong-il: the ‘dear leader’ in advertising

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Political figures have long been used in advertising, especially by Human Rights organizations like Amnesty International. Kim Jong-il was a popular (if you can call it that) figure in such campaigns. Mainstream media and bloggers too have used him as a punching bag: Kim and his eccentric state were a frequent butt of jokes by U.S. television comedians and also immortalized in ‘Team America – World Police’ a 2004 film. Bloggers got into the act with a Tumblr blog, Kim Jong-il Looking At Things – a statement about the propaganda photos from North Korea.

Among brands which have used him as a central figure in their advertising, this hilarious ad for Delta Lloyd Insurance comes to mind. I remember seeing this just once, years ago but the story and the visuals are embedded in my mind.

 Among the other ads, a few which I liked:

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