Tata Sky’s new ad: Aamir is the Sardar

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Wonder if this ad would have been as watchable if it weren’t for Aamir. Carrying on from the man-woman plot where he raved about the ‘picture kwalty’, this one takes a self deprecating stance of the effects of a Tata Sky connection.

So a suave, urbane Aamir Khan for Tata Sky Plus and a mass, nautanki type Aamir for the regular brand? Works for me. Wonder whatever happened to the association with Hrithik – last seen during the 2007 cricket World Cup. Full disclosure: I am a Tata Sky user.

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  1. Nice work by the agency. I think they have actually ‘planned long term’ for this. As you rightly pointed out, using the same brand ambassador in such different ways for an ‘aam’ brand and the niche brand is a nice take. I feel quite jingalala about it.

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