Aamir urges you to Open Happiness

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Hope this doesn’t go the Amitabh way. Elections, watches, mobile phones, India Tourism, DTH…Aamir is in them all. He is now in the latest commercial for Coke’s Open Happiness theme.

I guess the casting makes the difference – a plump uncle getting on a beast of a bike instead of a regular hunk. And maybe Aamir as a bystander observing different situations in the lives of people, will work over a series of such commercials. The one above is not exactly goose flesh or laugh-out loud – mildly amusing at best. The magic will be in the situation and the casting. My take on the earlier Coke Happiness ad here. Read somewhere on the web that in the Gautam Ghambir ad, maybe the crowd would have been more if the board said, ‘Coke ke saath, ek dosa free’ instead of ‘dost’!

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