BMW Z4: using the virtual world for a real experience

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In an attempt to provide unique experiences to consumers, brands are increasingly adopting new technologies. Augmented reality being the latest. At the end of last year, MINI had this print ad where you could see the new MINI Cabrio in 3D. Now BMW UK has used augmented reality for its ‘Expression of Joy’ campaign for Z4. Here’s how it works:

In the TV commercial for the BMW Z4, artist Robin Rhode uses the BMW Z4 as a ‘paintbrush’. Here’s the ad:

To simulate the experience on your computer, you can go over to the BMW UK website, print a 3D symbol and download BMW 3D paintbrush software. You can then use your PC’s webcam to create your own paintbrush and share it over at Facebook.

So much trouble over a brand? I guess certain categories & brands have their fanatic followers. I can imagine a few of my own friends who are car enthusiasts downloading the application and doing their own 3D stuff. I am not a car enthusiast – kids playing vrroom, vrroom with their toy cars have more fun, I think. And its less tedious.

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