Airtel toy phone ad: how does it compare?

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I guess you must’ve seen the new Airtel theme ad, featuring a small boy making a ‘phone call’ to his dad.

It is a continuation of the strategy that includes a thematic TV ad running along with product-centric tactical ads. I liked the ad – specially the boy’s acting. The world of kids never fails to bring a smile to one’s face and the whole setting of him calling his dad on the toy phone and the imaginary ‘effect’ of that, is amusing and real. How does it compare with the earlier theme ad? My 67-year old mum ‘got’ the last ad and liked it. I bet she will like this even more. How does it compare for you?

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  1. Maybe its me, the new thematic ad was more a part of my life than the earlier one. I know everybody loved it, but for Airtel, a ‘fullto’ Indian brand, I thought those kids looked firang. (South American I thought). Maybe a north Indian may equate it to the Pakistan border or something. I dont know. The new one is sweet because most of us remember a day when we sneaked past people to go up to the terrace to make a ‘secret’ phone call.

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