Dove: soft sell and hard sell

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I remember Dove from the time I read Ogilvy on Advertising – it’s one-fourth cleansing cream proposition was a classic. In India, the landmark TVC was it’s testimonial ad of ’90s. The brand generated a lot of buzz with it’s Campaign for Real Beauty effort a few years back. The work has always been a mix of rational and emotional sell. While there were direct comparisons to ordinary soaps (ph strip test), there were also campaigns with lofty concepts (Evolution). I have been seeing an outdoor campaign recently, with an intriguing headline.

Dove - half

The website hosts a TV commercial which explains why they are asking for half your face – a face test. While no one is likely to use two different soaps to check out if this is true, it is a continuation of the ‘proof of efficacy’ tools used in the earlier campaign. Efforts to position the Dove range of skin & hair products for ‘real women’ is amplified in the website. While all of this is clean, propah, super premium (and non-controversial), the UK & US efforts seem to edgy and generated a lot of debate. Ladies, which one works for you?

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