Dish TV: how much can advertising promise?


I guess folks outside of advertising – also known as consumers, have come to accept that advertising exaggerates. Hyperbole is part of advertising and when it stops of short of being incredulous it is sometimes entertaining. Suspension of disbelief makes them enjoy ads for cold creams that promise younger looking skin, perfumes that turn a man into a chic magnet, shirts that get you a promotion, elephants that remember the last Rolo you had 20 years ago etc.

Joining this list of life-changing brands is Dish TV. I thought the new ads were a huge stretch. I mean, unhappy adopted child blends in with the family thanks to Dish TV? I understand that like in so many categories, the DTH brands are struggling to differentiate one from the other and getting all emotional is a good way to stand out from the crowd. I am sure that there are many who will simply gush about SRK’s performance and find the ads likeable. I realize that in categories like soft drinks, advertising is the differentiator – subliminally, the likeability of advertising transfers to the brand. Has the DTH category already reached that stage?

Can the Dish TV ad clearly state why choosing Dish over the other brands makes sense? The attempt seems to be get in to the top of the charts on awareness and um er.. likeability (I promise that I will not use that word again in this post) and then hope that it makes the difference. Also known as feel good advertiisng.  Ah, the J&J route – mamta ki paribhasha etc., without having to communicate the product benefit. Incidentally, that girl from the adoption home could have blended happily into SRK’s family thanks to another DTH brand, a brand of tea, a spring mattress…the list is endless. SRK makes it ownable to Dish. I have nothing against feel good advertising, some of them make for great entertainment and have done wonders for the brand. But promising fantasmogrical things from regular stuff? Zindagi ghar aayi…saath mein thoda reality bhi?


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