#GiveExtragetextra, Barbie, @Twitter, Tesla and @EffieAwards: creative ideas of the week

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Between bookmarked sites, Twitter and RSS feeds which showcase advertising, I come across many new creative ideas every week. As with advertising in real life, only a handful are memorable. Here are my picks for the week ending 9th October 2015.

Extra Gum

First, head over to YouTube, watch this ad from 2013 for the same brand. You are likely to tear up if you have a little daughter. Then come back and watch this commercial which is quite like a sequel to that idea.

Agency: Energy BBDO

Some might feel that for such stirringly emotional films, the product connect of a chewing gum ((while it exists – with the wrapper) is a huge letdown. What say?

Barbie: imagine the possibilities

In popular media, brand Barbie has borne the brunt of many attacks with detractors arguing that it has a negative impact on girls and their body image. The popular argument is that it focuses children to worry about perfect looks and nothing more. A new effort shifts the focus from ‘looks’ to ‘creative play’. The pitch: remind today’s parents that through the power of imagination, Barbie allows girls to explore their limitless potential.

Agency: BBDO

Loved the creative execution, the casting and situations. As a parent of a little daughter, I can relate to the brand problem and the strategy. I too have viewed the brand as an ‘expensive waste’ as I have seen it through the lens of looks with the focus on fashion and accessories. This effort goes some way in changing perceptions.


Regulars on Twitter are likely to remember the story of the Osama Bin Laden operation on Abbottabad. It all started with this tweet:

The global media attention and news alerts that followed was centred around Twitter mainly. That has been the power of Twitter over the past few years: to be the primary source of news when it comes to live events. A new campaign captures idea beautifully: major recent global events are showcased as being triggered by tweets and leading to a media explosion. The art direction is a standout resembling charts commonly seen in infographics.




Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore

I predict that this will be a regular winner across ad awards next year, including the Cannes.


Talk about brand love. Here is a TV commercial made for Tesla by a fan. While the computer graphics is top notch is not all style and no substance. The central idea of gas stations going out of business is solid.


This is likely to appeal to ad industry insiders only. As someone who spent two decades working in advertising agencies, the situation is all too familiar: friends and family pitch ad ideas to you knowing you are ‘the ad guy’. The link to Effies: not every idea is good. There are 7 ads in all in this playlist:

The one about live ads in a football game may actually be implemented in IPL – who knows?

Agency: The VIA Agency, Portland

Which ones did you like? Do comment in.

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