Maine PR kyon kiya?

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I had a Twitter update about Malaika Arora and Arbaz splitting up. I wasn’t interested in knowing more. It appears now that the news made it to the front page of Mumbai Mirror and that the whole thing was a PR stunt for a skin cream brand (Ponds, apparently). Huh?

Read more about it here.

Wonder what length stars and PR consultants will go to for a stunt? This is precisely the kind of stuff that gives the industry a bad name. As a career option, advertising is seen as flaky and the last resort for those who can’t make it in ‘respectable’ industries. The thinking that goes into meaningful work (say, ‘Bindaas Bol’ which won an Effie) is known only to those in the advertising or related industries. But stuff like these PR stunts colour people’s perceptions about ‘admen’ and equates them with snake-oil salesmen in shiny suits. What say?

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