Irn-Bru’s zany ‘unbelievable’ ad, Mercury Radio awards and more: creative ideas of the week

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There are hundreds of commercial messages vying for consumer attention everyday across traditional and new media. Only a handful are noticed. Here are a few creative ideas which caught my eye, the week ending 2nd June, 2017: Irn-Bru, Lacoste, Mercury Radio awards and more

1. Irn-Bru

Dubbed Scotland’s ‘other national drink’, Irn-Bru has always been known for cheeky advertising. In a cluttered category, being quirky helps but this one takes it to a whole new level of zany.

Agency: Leith Agency

2. Aldi: price list

We are all familiar with price-list driven, ‘highlight merchandise’ oriented print ads for super markets. I thought this was a clever ploy to drive home low price.

3. Lacoste

Mystique is a common element in advertising for luxury brands. Super premium brands too take a leaf out of this book. Here’s one for Lacoste which brings alive the heritage of Lacoste and the proposition ‘Life is a beautiful sport, since 1933.’

Agency: BETC Paris

4. Mercury Radio Awards

The hallmark of a well-crafted radio spot is that it uses the characteristics of the medium (audio) well, has an idea (as with any ad) and is crafted with finesse (see entry No.6 here). In contrast, most of the radio spots in India lack an idea and are crude in production values. Some of the winners of the Radio Mercury Awards show what’s possible with radio.

Dos Equis:

Stereotypical Trump


Which ones were your favourites?

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