Virgin Mobile meets Youngistan

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I guess you must’ve seen the latest ‘Think Hatke’ ad from Virgin Mobile for their SMS product. This one is bound to get the laughs too, like their previous ads. But compared to the first two efforts (Goa trip, cop, Candy Foxx) this is several notches lower in my opinion.

Yes, kids today seem to live on SMS. But that’s not a blindingly new insight. However, ‘live your alter ego’ is an idea with creative possibilities. It is insightful in the sense that, us grown ups (ahem)  too send corny or sarcastic text messages in the middle of serious, stuffy meetings (we used to pass around notes earlier). But the in-your-face execution leaves no room for imagination. And in using ‘shocker’ messages (last night’s kiss, I am wearing nothing etc.) the undertone seems to be, ‘hey youth of India, we understand you – this is how you speak’. Which is smack bang into Youngistan territory of trying too hard to ‘connect with the youth’. Youth appeal happens with some understated cool. Your audience should think that ‘they understand us’ rather than us saying so. They got it right in the product packaging but I didn’t find the spot as engaging as the launch ads.

Any members of Youngistan out there care to comment?

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  1. Youngistan Member Reply

    I found the ad pretty cool. The girl was sweet too … 🙂

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