Apple’s magic of mini, Pure Blonde lager and more: creative ads of the week

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I struggled to put together a list of creative ads which were truly clutter-breaking this past week. It only reiterates how difficult it is to produce ads which are noticed, especially during festive seasons where there is a sea of sameness across categories.

Apple: The magic of mini feat. xt

The HomePod Mini was launched recently by Apple. As the name suggests its small size is a selling point. But even while the benefit can be obvious benefit it still needs to be dramatised. We may as well remember that it is very easy for us to confuse the feature (small size) with a benefit (portability).

When the MacBook Air was first launched, Steve Jobs pulled it out of a manila envelope thus dramatising its thinness and portability. In a new ad for the HomePod Mini, artist Tierra Whack is miniaturised – providing a nice, relatable visual hook to the product. The entire package of the song put together to match quirky visuals of a miniature figure and its antics makes for an enjoyable watch.

Pure Blonde: a touch more pure

Humour is a common theme in beer advertising. A new spot for Pure Blonde Organic Lager is anchored on an endearing idea: it makes even the baddest do good acts. Its fun to see the ‘evil personified’ meeting up in a yoga retreat of sorts and recount good deeds. They meet their match, in a Pure Blonde drinker who is a notch above them all.

Agency: Clemenger BBDO

UN Women: The UNseen Story

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in domestic violence. Women’s Aid created a powerful film to highlight the issue. Women’s Fund created a print campaign too. A new outdoor campaign in New York highlights the issue with ‘censored images’ and powerful copy that how the perpetrators get away with such acts in some countries.

Agency: MullenLowe New York

ESPN App: One App, One Tap

The features of an app, highlighted through a montage of visuals set to a rap song may seem like a boring idea. But a catchy song and words from rapper Chika, a new ad to announce ESPN’s app is pretty riveting.

Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

Central Black Midnight Sale: Shop Unfriend

Thailand has produced several popular campaigns which have quirky, even bizarre humour. A new spot to announce a midnight sale takes it to the next level by dramatising the lengths to which two friends go to, in order to outsmart each other. It reminded me of the famous Harvey Nichols ‘sale’ ads which too highlight the same idea.

Agency: Wolf BKK

IKEA: Ghost

The advertising for IKEA has mostly been in the ‘feel good’ territory. Their ’Wonderful Everyday’ theme had a ‘ghost’ themed ad earlier highlighting the colourful upholstery collection of the brand. A new ad from Czech Republic highlights domestic violence in a chillingly effective, underplayed ad that sits well with the brand’s territory of a ‘home’. Loved it.

Agency: Åkestam Holst

Pedigree: baby step into parenting

Maybe it’s a campaign that would work in a thinly populated, developed country like New Zealand. Pedigree, the pet food brand has launched a campaign urging couples to adopt a pet as a ‘baby step to parenting’.

“Pedigree exists to create a better world for dogs,” said Fabio Alings, Pedigree global brand director. “That’s why ending dog homelessness is a commitment that’s a big part of our DNA. If that means encouraging tentative pre-parents to adopt a dog as a baby-step into parenting, we’ll do it.”


While the TV spots are anchored on humour the print ads are geared to evoke the ‘oh so sweet’ feeling among couples.

Agency: Colenso BBDO

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