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#BodyProudMums, #ShotOniPhone and more: 14 top creative ads of the week


A majority of ads go unnoticed. Only a handful get our attention and an even smaller number are remembered & recalled. Here are a few creative ads I noticed and liked from last week. Mothercare: Body Proud Mums Advertising is often accused of air brushing reality. In most campaigns, especially those for fashion and women, show ‘beautiful people’ in their perfectly sculpted figures...

Classic ads: Jaffa Cakes – ‘Half moon’


Remember seeing this ad many moons ago in one of the ad reels and is etched in my memory. Can’t stop laughing every time I see the ad – so wicked and enjoyable. Agency: Publicis, London It takes guts to go against ‘category codes’ of food advertising (especially ads for biscuits) which typically restrict themselves to glorious product shots of ingredients and nothing much...

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