Fanta Apple: not thinking different

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Fanta’s last ad that I recall is the Orange Blast one – where nothing gives more kick to a man than his Fanta Orange blast. It focused on the ingredient and attempted to exaggerate the zinginess of orange. Now comes the ad for Fanta’s Apple variant, with Genelia as it’s brand ambassador.

Haven’t we seen enough of this ‘getting one up over the other’ and ‘outwitting another person’ stuff across categories? You can outsmart an irritating neighbour, pushy women who thrust their sons as suitors and sundry others by using a mobile phone, a candy or a biscuit. Fanta Apple joins that brigade. The only thing ‘Apple’ about it seems to be the variant. What say?

Aside: If they sponsor an environmental campaign, will it be called ‘Seb the planet?’

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  1. Not the kind that would give me the goosebumps – yes not even Genelia (absolutely wasted here). The only thing that works over here is the last VO- ” Go bite”, fits perfectly with the product promise. Well for Cocoa Cola- ” A Fanta a day keeps the competitor away”- Is Pepsi hearing ?

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