Tata Safari Dicor: reclaiming ‘Reclaim your Life’

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Tata Safari Dicor has been at it for quite some time, urging you to Reclaim your Life. I vaguely recall seeing at least 3 different creative executions of this idea over the past 4 years. The last attempt was metaphorical and slightly tangential, like linking it to lines that you leave behind.

The new version is far more direct and attempts to shame you into taking to the great outdoors. The question asked is: what will you remember of your life? Is it the corner office and other mundane things of corporate life? Or is it the breathtaking views of the great outdoors – thanks to Safari Dicor which can take you there.

I was looking for an online version but couldn’t find one, not even on their website. Which reminds me, the brand’s website does not even mention the proposition, ‘Reclaim your life’, leave alone build on it. With the kind of audience you are talking to and the proposition at hand, I would have thought the website would have been a great place to extend the idea of ‘what will you remember’? Imagine a typical complicated PowerPoint slide replete with charts & diagrams and a breathtaking view of the great outdoors – as options of you’d like to remember- on the website. There, that’s a free idea.

Despite having produced visually stunning films in the past, this version of the Dicor ad strikes a chord for me. For most corporates, there is a belief that there is a greater calling in life and this propostion appeals to those sentiments. And even for the most hard working gent or lady out there, being obsessed with work beyond a point is uncool. What say?


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  1. Which company does tata safari dicor ads??

    Any idea on the music of the new Ad??

  2. Would really like to know about the music from the new Safari dicor ad- the one with the big outdoors “What will you remember of your life? Is it the corner office and other mundane things of corporate life? Or is it the breathtaking views of the great outdoors” Please share !!

  3. I need the music very desperately. Can some lady/gentleman upload it and inform accordingly. Help appreciated.

  4. i love the music of this new add of safari dicor , i enjoy listening to the music everytime i see this add. can anyone give the clue about this music. for me i guess its the voice of lisa gerrard in the background. but i am not sure about it.

  5. The online version is finally available on youtube. And careful about doling out those great ideas for free ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. i think the music of this ad is from the discography of Gladiator with voice of lisa gerrard and music of hans zimmer…..listen to the complete music…

  7. Love the ad..and the concept.. but i’m always reminded of the car’s emi and the job that allows you to pay for it ๐Ÿ˜ thankfully this set (unlike the earlier) doesn’t talk about ‘quitting on monday morning’ .. getting closer to a balance than an either/or stance… precisely the kind of compromise that the ad speaks of .. so its one big paradox for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Sankha Mitra Reply

    the music is 2good….but i think i would like 2 say that this music is match with


  9. Here are the details about the people behind this ad

    Creative team: Louella Rebello, Anup Chitnis, Rakesh Pandit, Direction: Adam Strange of Joyride Films (New Zealand), Director of Photography: James Cowley, Singer: Louella Rebello, Music composer: Rupert Fernandes (also behind the Hutch โ€˜You & Iโ€™ song)


    kunal !

  10. Hope Hans Zimmer is paid by TATA or he may not be knowing that his music composition are being used by many companies.
    If he comes to know, he will pull shit out off paints

  11. Hellow, don’t think of Hans Zimmer, just go to some mandir and listen to all those bhajans or keep doing Vande !!!!!!!!!!.

  12. can you please tell me where this reclaim ur life ad was shot???..plzzzzzzzzz.

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