IPL’s 2nd innings: not the son of Manoranjan ka baap

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Sequel trouble again? Saw the promo for Indian Premier League 2009 on YouTube. Given the madness of the Manoranjan ka Baap idea, this was a tough act to follow. Does it match up?

The idea of transcending borders is nice and is in line with the people’s reaction to IPL. It was great to see players who were erstwhile opponents, playing for the same team. The spot is competent, but the execution lacks the madness and likability of the first one. Also, what’s with this trend of using Vijay Raaz and such-like to convey ‘mass appeal’? We heard him in the Chlormint ‘Panwadi’ spot earlier and similar voices in countless spots recently. The PR blurb says it was an in-house production from Sony (the agencies will get involved in the later stages). See what happens when you don’t involve an agency? Hee hee. 

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