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Thoughts on the Uninor launch campaign

Last week, Uninor – the JV between Telenor and Unitech launched in Bangalore. There was a splash in the Dec 4 issue of the Times of India, including the masthead being tweaked to include the Uninor logo.


Frankly, I missed the change in the masthead but noticed the ads which were smack bang in the middle of the pages. I am all for innovation in media space, but tinkering with the masthead? I recall an earlier innovation (for KitKat, I think) where the words ‘Let’  and ‘Wait’ were added as prefix & suffix the TOI masthead – leading to ‘Let The Times of India Wait’. That was clever. The day is not far when the editorial of Times of India will be about the new LG Dishwasher (‘lets cleanse the world’).

The outdoor campaign had started a week earlier with the line ‘Ab mera number hai’. Bangalore being Bangalore, I spotted a mix of Hindi & Kannada hoardings. The line is not the answer to Pepsi’s  ‘Mera number kab aayega?’ but meant to convey ‘My time has come’. In Kannada, ‘Eega nan number‘ doesn’t have the same connotation, though. Ah, the travails of translation.


The website is pretty detailed with loads of information. Strangely, almost every page has a ‘share this’ link with Twitter, Facebook, Google Bookmarks. Wonder why anyone would tweet the ‘World class IT and Network’ or the ‘Vision & Values’ page?

The campaign includes a set of short films, with folks from various walks of life conveying their determination with the ‘ab mera number’ line. The outdoor campaign, as is mandatory with this category, is huge. The launch of a new brand has been conveyed loud and clear.  Will deliver the numbers for Uninor? Only time will tell.


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