Range Rover Velar, Audi VR sandbox and more: #creative ideas of the week

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It is said that a majority of advertising is mediocre and plain forgettable. While we all are exposed to hundreds of commercial messaging, only a handful are memorable. Here are a few which caught my eye over the week: Range Rover Velar, Honda Civic, Audi sandbox VR experience and more.

1. Range Rover Velar

Dubbed ‘the avant-garde Range Rover’ the new Range Rover Velar has got the media buzzing. A new film, has the right amount of subtlety and ‘craft’ going for it to appeal to those who are going to shell out around £60,000 for a car.

The sound design is brilliant in the film and without telling a conventional story the film manages to hold your attention right through.

Agency: Spark44 (which is jointly owned by Jaguar Land Rover). The film is directed by Chris Palmer of Gorgeous TV. His portfolio includes popular ad films like ‘Honda Illusion’ and ‘Skoda Cake’.

2. TV2: All that we share

‘There’s more that brings us together than we think’ is the thought provoking message from TV2 – a TV channel from Denmark. The message is likely to strike a chord among many of us, given the nature of political debate and affiliation driven agendas across the world. Also, going by the comments over at YouTube, citizens of Denmark truly believe in the message ‘there’s all of us who truly love Denmark’.

Agency: &Co, Denmark

3. Audi VR Sandbox

Childhood memories of playing in sandpits or sand boxes, often with toy cars, are powerful. In Norway, Audi is encouraging users to ‘test drive’ its Q5 model at select outlets. It involves a VR experience that allows its users to create a customised track in a sandbox. The track is then re-created virtually and users are set off an a VR experience driving through the track, using an Oculus Rift headset.

Agency: POL and digital production house MediaMonks.

See the making of video here.

4. Citroën Connected Cam

The Citroën C3 has a HD camera built in, which allows users to record videos and take pictures during commutes and drives. A new ad from UK smartly conveys the benefits of this feature in print.

5. Brooke Bond Red Label tea: forgotten

Many brands are experimenting with web-only films, primarily chasing views. A majority of these films have a tenuous or no link to a brand and its core promise. Also, many a times I am left wondering if a viral success will have any positive impact on the brand from a business point of view. In this context comes a refreshing film for Brooke Bond Red Label tea which has the product smack bang in the centre of the narrative and a message which is hardwired to the brand’s proposition of togetherness.

Agency: Ogilvy

Such films go a long way in strengthening the affinity towards the brand than such ‘activations’ which are meant for the award juries, in my view.

6. UN Women in Egypt

In Egypt, women make up only 23% of the workforce. To highlight this imbalance, these clever set of print ad challenge the reader to find one woman across three major industries – science, high-tech and politics. The illustration style is inspired by the Where’s Wally? style.

Agency: DDB Dubai

7. Hond Civic: Up

A new film for Honda Civic is a visual metaphor for overcoming challenges. What I loved were the subliminal visual cues of the car on the mountainside. It showcases Imogen Horrocks, a professional climber, as she leaps from the safety of a ladder to climb a giant mountain.

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy London

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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