Ceat: tyre change, logo change

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ceat.jpg Another brand joins the league of logo-changers (Canara Bank, Hutch). According to the company press release, “its inspiration emerges from the idea of ‘raising the bar’. The lines in bright orange give the logo a youthful and contemporary look and combine well with the maturity and stability of the blue letter forms that signify Ceat’s rich heritage in the sector”. OK. Can’t go wrong with this explanation. Compared to the earlier logo, it seems much cleaner. The line, ‘Born Tough’ is conspicuously absent. What the new tagline will be, remains to be seen.

The TVC to announce the new logo is similar to the Vodafone one in terms of theme: change. Vodafone said ‘change is good’. This one says, ‘change is unavoidable’. It shows a guy ogling at a girl only for his view to be blocked by a guy wearing a T-shirt which says ‘change’. Despite the efforts of the ogler to crane his neck and get a view, our ‘change’ guy is persistent. Hence, ‘change is unavoidable’. Hmm.

How about a sequel? Our T-shirt guy gets right of way wherever he goes. And then the line ‘Give way to change’ comes on. Hee hee.

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  1. Nice thought for the sequel..:)
    Another company which has gone for a revamp is Godrej.Now, the red Godrej logo has been replaced by a bright,colourful one.The thought is “Brighter Godrej”…Wonder,why not Colourful Godrej?. Then i realised that it was already taken by the first lady of the Godrej empire long time back..bright,very bright!

  2. Another brand which has revamped itself is Sunsilk with the new “life can’t wait” thought

  3. and i was struggling to figure out what had changed..damn 😐
    i was also kinda hoping we could see the girl changing in the sequel, but i guess that’s not to be either…

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