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Seen and noted: Tata Steel

We also make steel‘ was an iconic campaign during my growing years in advertising. A 2003 article said that the company rode high on the effect of that commercial. And now comes a campaign that positions Tata Steel as a company built on strong values, captured nicely in the base line: ‘Values Stronger Than Steel’. Both the campaigns imbue the ‘company brand’ with a certain sense of scale and evoke pride. And works like magnet when it comes to attracting talent.

See rest of the ads here.

There is also a microsite – Value Abled (I first read it as ‘Valueable-D’), a Twitter and Facebook page. The idea of promoting values across facets like Leadership, Fairness, Team Work etc. calls for some ‘serious’ content and may not be conducive for frenetic fan page or commenting activity. The microsite has a liberal dose of external content (YouTube videos) which may drive traffic away from the site. On Twitter, the ‘value’ proposition allows for posting tweets that may appeal to the ‘serious thinkers’ out there. On Twitter some engage in serious conversation on cerebral topics and the content could be right up their street. Again, not chasing quantity of followers perhaps. In all, ‘values stronger than steel’ allows for pan-India translation and a cross-platform expression. I like.


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