Turn YouTube into a music app with Muziic

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Isn’t technology awesome? Muziic, a downloadable application (Windows only), created by a 15-year old, is being talked about in the blogosphere. Muziic lets you search the music on YouTube and save it into playlists on your computer. In effect, it converts the vast repository of music videos on YouTube into your private collection of playlists.


The legality of this app is still undecided. But it’s amazing that a 15-year old (with help from dad) armed with some coding skills and a great idea can impact such a vast audience. I downloaded Muziic on to my PC (um…er…my wife’s PC) and it works as promised. The channels loaded pretty fast and the variety of music available is mind blowing. How is it different from Net Radio applications that stream music? Not very – except that the idea of using the YouTube repository as a server is ingenious. I may quibble about the unmistakeable Windows look of the interface and the skins available, but you got to admire the idea behind it. Go on, download Muziic and see for yourself.

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