Dockers introduces a ‘shakeable’ ad

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AdAge Digital reports that Dockers is set to launch an iPhone experience – no, not an App but an ad. It’s a shakeable, motion-sensitive ad that uses the iPhone’s Accelerometer feature.

The ad, which stars Dufon (aka Orb/Orbit/Orbitron), an urban street dancer from the Seattle dance group “Circle of Fire,” will appear in the iPhone games “iBasketball,” “iGolf” and “iBowl” and the lifestyle application iTV. Between the various levels of game play, users will be prompted to shake the iPhone to spur the Dockers-donning Dufon to perform his moves.

Further proof that the iPhone experience is unique for all concerned – the end user, the software developer, advertisers and agencies. Sadly, it’s potential in India is unknown or worse still, immaterial thanks to the phone’s poor penetration here. But it’s value as a game changer thanks to it being another operating platform virtually is tremendous.

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