Apple: Kaizen personified

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Just read the news report that Apple is planning to preview the next version of iPhone software – the iPhone OS 3.0. This comes on the back of introducing a new version of iPod Shuffle earlier this week. Improved versions of the Mac Mini, iMac and Macbook Pro were announced recently. Some of the improvements may be minor or actually fixing an inadequate feature, but the fact remains that the regularity of improvements and new launches is amazing. The iPod has seen numerous improvements & models since it’s launch in 2001. My 2-year old Macbook is already the ‘previous version. Yes, feature improvements or speed bumps are common in the tech space. But to consistently do it across all their product categories is fantastic (see Apple’s Product Timeline map). Isn’t Apple Kaizen personified?

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  1. Apple’s new laptop with no keyboard – ‘MacBook Wheel’

    Too irritatingly perfect or just irritating?? does apple really intend to revolutionize the computer world or are they just living up to their image of being an ‘innovation brand’? Are products like these moving us towards tech advancement or tech mutation??the touch screen technology has definitely picked up well with the tech savvy consumers but the diffusion of innovation for this apple product will be pretty long. After watching the demo video I realized that it takes approx 4 seconds to make an alphabet appear on the screen for a layman. Are we really ready to give up keyboards as a tech of the yesteryears??Apple is no doubt very creative, but where do they draw the is line between innovation and adaptability. Im sorry ‘cults of Apple’ for this travesty, I do think its pretty…

  2. Thanks for the comment, Sneha. The Macbook Wheel that you are referring to is a parody from Onion News Network. It’s not a real thing. It’s just a comical way of looking at how Apple innovates. There have been other spoofs too -some guy in UK showed how the iPod is getting so small that one day it will only be an ‘imaginary’ thing. On the touchscreen, my belief is that even those who are used to typing on a typical mobile (Nokia die-hards) have gotten used to it on the iPhone. It is as simple or as difficult as switching over from a Sony Ericsson phone to a Nokia phone. What was the last count on the iPhone sales – 13mn? And on Apple being just pretty and not functional – that is far from the truth. It is a myth that Windows users love to hear. Why not try an Apple product and see for yourself?

  3. LOL..i wouldn’t have probably given it a second thought had it been HP or somethin , but when it came to Apple I could digest that they came up with something so farfetched to me ..I do admire Apple and I still have there very first Ipod “The mini Ipod’ Although it was just a nine day wonder till they intoduced the next one..made me furious.. I think dat using touch screen on a mobile phones and mp3’s easier than using a virtual keypad ..I feel its like being driven by an unmanned vehicle..Apple products are amazing ,I just got carried away with some Apple fans fantasy..hehe

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