Waygo Chinese Menu translator: solves problems, gets laughs

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‘Solve Problems. Don’t build ideas’ is the advice given to startups. Makes eminent sense and that’s where foreign language translation apps came into play. But Waygo Traveler is different. What makes it stand out is the focus and ease with which is solves problems. The focus is on food menus and signage – a common problem when traveling to China and the Far East. Instead of trying to be another translation app or language learning app, the focus on the expat or traveler and solving his needs makes it useful. And the commercial gets the laughs though you could crib that a disaster is bound to happen is a dead give away.

What’s also interesting is the company blog. They usually showcase company news, events and occasionally views on the industry. The Waytor Blog is ‘Can’t Read Chinese – the awkward moments in China‘.

The app is available on the iPhone and can be downloaded from here.


photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

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