Deepika’s new Signature

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There is a new ad for Levis Signature featuring Deepika Padukone. The last one was simply a pretty  lass cavorting around a street and this one thankfully has semblance of an idea.

Just as you expect our hero to be welcomed with open arms by Deepika, thanks to the improvement in his sartorial taste, she continues to rebuff him, albeit differently. The self-deprecating humour is captured in the line ‘Thoda fark toh padega’ (there is likely to be some change). The ad is likely to bring a smile, but was it the best use of Deepika? What say?

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  1. I like the ad and especially the pay-off. “Thoda fark toh padega’ sounds more realisitic. Atleast, they are not talking about some dodo instantly turning into a dude and impressing the girl to the extent that she opens her arm & heart out for him.
    I think Deepika will be remembered in the ad. Well, i agree that she wasnt hogging every frame in the film and they didnt show her off as other brands would want to but she was central to the story and the change enabler.That came out pretty well.
    All in all a cute TVC but nothing memorable.But i think the earlier one will be remembered more.All thanks to the total usage of Ms. Padukone.

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