Virgin Mobile Yo Yo

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Entertainment with a twist seems to be the key to touching a chord with the youth. The new Virgin Mobile Yo Yo spot carries off in the same tradition of the earlier ads.

The product feature of ‘cheap calls between friends’ and therefore ‘find any reason to call your friend’ is a bit lost in all the humour. The link between the offer and the idea is a bit tenuous, unlike say the Vodafone Conference Call ad. Enjoyable spot nevertheless.

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  1. I have noticed one thing most of the Virgin mobile campaigns, the are damn funny and they are spot on wrt whom they are speaking to. But the product feature is lost as you said. Not only this Yo-Yo one but the previous ones too!

  2. I think this spot is funny. True, that the message doenst get conveyed as strongly as Virgin would’ve wanted it.
    I disagree with Chetan that all the Virgin mobile ads have the lost message syndrome. If you remember the VBling mobile phone with metal finish ad (the chagan one) , i thought that it was executed really well. It was funny and the message was pretty loud and clear.

  3. Amrita, Chetan – I think the strike rate is by and large high with Virgin and they have managed to integrate the product offering into the creative idea.

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